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Strategic Partners, Inc.

Investment & Insurance Planning Division

Strategic Partners provides personal and business financial planning strategies to clients in Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Indiana, South Dakota, Texas, and throughout the Midwest. Our investment and insurance planning strategies are designed to help simplify your life by addressing the unique needs of your family, your lifestyle, and your personal business aspirations. Ultimately, we strive to help you preserve, grow, and protect your assets to achieve your financial dreams.

To support our comprehensive planning approach, we leverage skilled professionals within our Integrated Financial Resources Network. This valuable resource brings together the collective knowledge of over 100 highly skilled financial planners, tax advisors, investment specialists, and legal, insurance, and mortgage-debt professionals to provide you with financial advice in all areas of your financial life.

Contact Strategic Partners today at 620-421-6221or 800-421-6227to learn how we can help you build a stronger financial future.